Shattered Legion

Welcome to Shattered Legion

Next-Generation Blockchain SLG Game


Shattered Legion is a brand new blockchain MMOSLG game carefully crafted by a professional game development team in the world of the apocalyptic wasteland.
The gameplay is innovative, and an economic model is added to the standard gameplay. At the technical level, the DAO+NFTS model is a very innovative breakthrough for decentralized community governance and player identity recognition. Drive innovation in the genre by giving players the opportunity to truly own and operate the worlds they occupy.
For the game itself, players need to use a variety of strategies to attack other people's territory to obtain resources or defend their own territory to make themselves stronger. The combination of various gameplay and mechanisms in the game and a sustainable economic model encourages players to invest in the game for a long time and makes the game community ecology healthier.
Welcome to the world of Shattered Legion, or SLG for short. The planet of SLG exists in the Triangulum Galaxy. The background of the story after the formation of the first civilization in the galaxy will be unfolded one by one in SLG, players will take risks in the world of SLG, manage their own fortresses and land, and interact with each other. Fight monsters in the world and compete with other players to divide up the world's limited survival resources.
Shattered Legion is an integrated NFT concept multi-operator (Web/H5/Android/iOS) game based on blockchain technology and deployed on BSC. It is driven by the community, and its core gameplay is to build its own territory for development. It obtains resources through diligent production, collection, and attacking wild monsters. It can further improve its ability by plundering the resources of other lords and joining an alliance to build a strong organization together.
In Lord's Land, players can:
  • Earn investment and game income by developing, building, fighting, upgrading, trading, and staking NFTs in the game.
  • Vote on game development, activities, and fund allocation through the project governance token SLG.
  • Earn a variety of benefits through contributions such as promoting operations and creating content within the community.
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Win-Win Model

  • Players earn while playing the game.
  • Token holders can receive rewards for staking tokens, joining in quizzes, and voting.

Decentralized assets

  • Assets can be withdrawn, circulated, traded, and liquidated.
  • Simplified cross-chain interactions guarantees a premium gaming experience and low renewal fees.

Free Experience

  • Players can receive game troops for free to experience the game.
  • They can participate in PVP and PVE for free to get rewards.

Technical Analysis

The existing games deployed on the blockchain face problems such as insufficient performance, insufficient smoothness, poor experience, and high handling fees; by deploying the game on a high-performance centralized server and using a decentralized blockchain Technology manages assets for players. Shattered Legion can not only ensure that each player has a near-perfect game experience in the game, ensure the security of player assets, but also save players' game operations fees.
In Shattered Legion players who hold land NFTs can earn in-game currency (XTAL), and players can also achieve decentralization of game assets by exchanging in-game currency (XTAL) for project token ($SLG) .
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