Token Contract
name XTAL
symbol XTAL
decimal 18 uint8
first issue:10,000,000,000
XTAL is the sub-coin of Shattered Legion. XTAL is divided into two types: in-game and on-chain. We will issue 10 billion sub-coins, the price is at around 0.5 USDT. Meanwhile, sub-coins can be issued. The first phase of planning is mainly produced through Land NFT. According to the development points obtained by the user's labor on the land NFT every day, the XTAL in the game is allocated. The XTAL in the game can be exchanged for SLG in the game. For the exchange, we anchor the value of 0.03 in accordance with SLG price.. During the exchange process, we charge a 5% handling fee. For example, when exchanging 10 XTALs in the game, we will calculate 100.5/0.03(1 - 0.05) according to the value ratio. The consumption scene in the game will be set.